Icelandic Glacial Elevates CEO Reza Mirza to Group CEO of All Holding Companies

Icelandic Glacial Elevates CEO Reza Mirza to Group CEO of All Holding Companies

LOS ANGELES, CA  (September 6, 2022) – Icelandic Glacial promotes Reza Mirza, who currently serves as CEO for the last eight years, to also lead the holding company, effective Sept 1st, 2022.

During his tenure Reza laid out a multiyear strategy and executed against it with excellence. He recruited a world class team where he attracted and nurtured top talent, driving high double digit growth while carving a path to profitability in a year’s time. In the US, Icelandic Glacial has presence in over 54,000 doors, over 400 luxury hotels and in nearly all airports.  His focus on building the team, creating an excellence-in-execution culture and brand building catapulted Icelandic Glacial to a major player in the premium water space” stated Jon Olafsson, Chairman of Icelandic Water Holdings. “I have the utmost confidence in Reza to lead our holding company into the future, as he continues to lead with passion and drive to accelerate expansion and profitability.” 

“I am honored to serve in an expanded role to also lead Icelandic Water Holdings and group companies”, said Reza Mirza. “Along with our founders, Jon and Kristjan Olafsson, I am excited about the future as we continue our focus on building Icelandic Glacial into a Global powerhouse. As we have done in Iceland and US, we will be in the top 3 imports in every market we are in.  We have an amazing brand, an exceptional team, an expanding loyal customer base and a valuable source in the Olfus Spring to deliver the purest tasting water”.   

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About Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial is the super-premium natural spring water, bottled at the source from Iceland’s legendary Ölfus Spring, which was formed more than 5,000 years ago and is shielded from pollution by an impenetrable barrier of lava rock.  The spring produces water so pure that nothing is added or taken away. As a result, Icelandic Glacial possesses exceptional balance featuring a naturally low mineral content and a naturally alkaline pH of 8.4.  Icelandic Glacial is further distinguished as the world’s first certified CarbonNeutral® natural spring bottled water for product and operation.  Icelandic Glacial uses 100% natural green energy to fuel its production delivering a premium bottled water to discerning consumers around the world while maintaining a “net zero” carbon footprint.

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