Icelandic Glacial achieve 100% score in annual NSF audit

Icelandic Glacial achieved a mark of excellence this week in its annual NSF audit, with a remarkable 100% score.

The compulsory audit which is conducted by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), under the Bottled Water Certification program verifies that a bottling facility and product waters meet the requirements of FDA Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Chapter 1, Parts 110, 129, and 165, or Codex Alimentarius requirements (EC 80/777). These regulations establish quality standards for bottled water and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for the bottler.

The result for Icelandic Glacial is a significant one in that it reflects the robust nature of its HACCP plan and approach to Quality Assurance standards at the Thorlaksofn based bottling plant.

Put in context, any company wishing to attain NSF listing must achieve at least 85% from the available points and 95% + scores are considered to be exceptional.

Patrick Racz, CEO of Icelandic Glacial, and the spearhead of the company’s exemplary quality assurance policy commented, ‘we place the utmost importance on our Quality Assurance program; this audit recognition by NSF is testament to the world class processes we have put in place and continue to carry out on a daily basis’.

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