Icelandic Glacial makes presence felt in the US with 'Target' retail launch

Icelandic Glacial made its US debut this month, announcing ‘Target’, the US retail giant, as its first partner in North America.

The deal will see Icelandic Glacial on sale at 150 of the retailers ‘Super-Target’ stores across the country, and Target have chosen the new Icelandic Glacial 500ml 6 pack product as the leading SKU for the launch.

Icelandic Glacial has been capturing the attention of retailers and distributors alike since its industry recognition at the 2005 BottledWaterWorld Design awards, winning Best Overall Concept and Best Label awards?

The interest in brands such as Icelandic Glacial has been fuelled by the growing consumer demand for waters of the highest quality, a trend which Target have been quick to recognize, with the retailer embracing Icelandic Glacial as a new force in what is being referred to as a ‘super-premium’ category for bottled waters.

Patrick Racz commented, “Today, consumers are not only looking for a product with superior taste and purity, they are increasingly influenced by overall aesthetics and an element of being seen with something different to commonly available brands. Bottled water as a fashion statement has arrived.”

He added, “We are very happy to be working with such a strong retailer on our US market launch. Target recognizes the importance of this sector and their speed to shelf with this product has been nothing short of incredible”.

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