Industry Going Green - An Environmental Message from Icelandic Glacial Chairman

Dear Icelandic Glacial Consumers,

It’s an exciting time in the bottled water industry! As you know, Icelandic Glacial has been committed to preserving the environment from day one with our use of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. We were delighted to see the New York Times report last week that others in our industry have committed themselves to environmental plans in 2008 - following in our eco-friendly footsteps and hopefully spurring an industry wide movement.

As a native Icelander, I have long had a passion for preserving the pristine condition of our earth’s resources. Iceland has one of the cleanest environments on the planet, and I am committed to maintaining it. In fact, when I started Icelandic Glacial my environmental ideals were at the forefront of its design and manufacturing processes.

When we began our environmental quest, we worked extremely hard to effectively evaluate our carbon footprint and address all key areas of CO2 emissions. By consulting with external experts, The CarbonNeutral Company, we were able to effectively assess and reduce our carbon footprint, resulting in official Carbon Neutral certification in March 2007. Even though carbon negative is not a scientifically recognized term, we have been operating in a carbon negative fashion since our certification by offsetting three times more CO2 than we actually emit.

We’re extremely proud to note that our efforts have been recognized internationally. In October of this year, we were commended for our environmental work by being awarded with the Global Sustainability Award at the 2007 Global Bottled Water Conference in Mexico - a wonderful achievement for a newcomer like ourselves.

As we look ahead to a new year, we are grateful to see that our pioneering efforts have been recognized across the industry so quickly. We are looking to build further on our environmental efforts in 2008, setting the benchmark for even greater eco-friendly business practices.

I hope others join us in continuing the environmental quest. We only have one planet.


Jon Olafsson
Chairman and Co-Founder
Icelandic Glacial

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