Icelandic Glacial Opens Environmentally Responsible Bottled Water Facility to Meet Growing Demand for its CarbonNeutral Water

Icelandic Water Holdings ehf, makers of Icelandic Glacial mineral water, the world’s first CarbonNeutral® certified bottled water, for both its product and operations, today will begin production of its multi-award winning water from its new 100-percent naturally powered bottling facility in Hlidarendi, Ölfus, Iceland. The facility increases production capacity of Icelandic Glacial mineral water to meet the growing consumer demand for this exceptionally pure Icelandic water in an environmentally responsible fashion.

JO_KO_Envminister_push buttonThe new 71,688 square foot bottling facility opens as one of the world’s greenest, maximizing output while minimizing expenditure of energy resources thanks to an array of environmentally-efficient and modern bottling equipment. Like the former bottling operation, the new facility harnesses Iceland’s natural green energy, operating entirely on geothermal and hydroelectric power.
(Above: Co-Founders Jon & Kristjan Olafsson along with Iceland Minister of Industry Energy & Tourism, Össur Skarphéðinsson, push the button to commence the official opening of Icelandic Glacial's new bottling facility). 

The combination of modern equipment and use of natural green energy means that Icelandic Glacial mineral water is able to roll off the production line with an even smaller carbon footprint than before and one that is considerably smaller compared to other bottled waters in the industry.

“Environmental stewardship has always been a core part of our company’s philosophy -- it’s a natural part of being from Iceland,” comments Jon Olafsson, Chairman and CEO, Icelandic Glacial. “Beginning today, we move production to one of the world’s most environmentally advanced bottling facilities ever constructed, further reinforcing our commitment to delivering consumers a product they can drink with a clear conscience.”

IG6 pack on new lineThe new facility houses two separate bottling halls, increasing production from 5,000 bottles per hour (bph) to 30,000 bph. Low-energy, infra-red lighting is also used on-site, adding to the multitude of efficient and energy saving devices present in the impressive Ölfus structure.

At the grand opening, Icelandic Glacial co-founders Jon and Kristjan Olafsson will pay tribute to Iceland and the environment as they officially open the new facility, pushing the production line button for the very first time.

Special guests including, Iceland’s Minister of Industry Energy and Tourism and the people and children of Ölfus will assist in the planting of a special ‘Icelandic Glacial Water Forest’ at the site in further honour of the environment.

“Nature is held in the highest regard in Iceland,” exclaims Olafsson. “Our opening ceremony is very much a tribute to our country and the people that do so much to preserve it.”

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