Icelandic Glacial Stocks The Pantry

The PantryIcelandic Glacial natural spring water is set to saturate the south-eastern region of the United States even further, securing a new listing agreement with the area’s leading independently operated convenience store chain, The Pantry.

With the pioneering CarbonNeutral® bottled water continuing to grow in popularity across the country, stocking with The Pantry opens up a large number of convenience store and gas station locations in the southeast to Icelandic Glacial – increasing consumer access to the multi-award winning and environmentally responsible spring water.

“Since concluding our national rollout at the end of 2008, our team has been broadening our availability by securing targeted new listings in key regions of the country,” said Danny Stepper, Vice President of Sales, Icelandic Glacial.

“The Pantry’s widespread presence in the southeast enables Icelandic Glacial to expand even further, delivering more of our award-winning CarbonNeutral® water to the consumer.”

Commencing this month, Icelandic Glacial will be added to The Pantry’s c-store and gas station locations that have seven cold doors or more -- making it even more convenient for consumers to get their hands on a cold, refreshing and environmentally responsible premium brand of bottled water.

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