Icelandic Glacial and Volcano Update

With all the current excitement about Iceland, we would like to ensure all of our loyal customers at home and abroad that Icelandic Glacial is operating at full force. The Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption has had no impact on our operations or the quality of our water.

The volcano is located more than 100km away from Icelandic Glacial’s operations so we are in no danger of lava flows. Additionally, the prevailing winds direct any resulting ash away from our factory, and if that were to change, according to leading European food and drinks consultancy Zenith International, the ash would not affect Icelandic Glacial’s water due to natural conditions and high quality controls.

The Olfus Spring source for Icelandic Glacial is naturally filtered through lava and basalt rock over many years which removes any impurities. In addition, the closed system bottling process within the Icelandic Glacial factory is operated within an enclosed space that draws in air through a hygienic air filter.  This space is then maintained at an air pressure higher than that of the rest of the factory to ensure that the filtered air flows outward.  This positive air pressure prohibits any unfiltered air from the factory flowing into the filling enclosure.

Our natural spring water is as exceptionally pure and pristine as ever, and we continue to produce and ship our CarbonNeutral certified bottled water throughout the world, delivering the crisp, clean water our customers have come to know and love.

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